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extracts of the Next G+U.R+U Now collections from 1995 until 1999 photos by schwarzer & wäller originally founded in 1995 as a fashion label under the brand name of Next G+U.R+U Now, which has become one of berlin`s most prominent avantgarde labels. collection names such as "home-sitting vampires” "hybrids, one step beyond the body lotion” or "humanize” convey the combination of various levels of reality, which is the leitmotif of their style. until 1999 their international success was secured by participating in the mayor fashion fairs from paris, milano to düsseldorf.
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nextguruNow. provides design services and trend forecasts in the field of fashion and leather accessories

trend research and forecasts we research and analyze the international markets and bring to life a vision of what is happening. we have the work experience to reaserch and define the trends of tomorrow, an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, and a true passion for fashion. our close involvement with art, music and the international design scene allows us to spot what is new and relevant in the fast changing markets. fashion design, collection build-up we develop customized collections for our international clients in the men and women’s wear sector and casual wear market, using our know-how to transform conceptual ideas into successful collections which meet end consumer needs. we provide professional support during the complete design development process tailored to individual business needs. nextguruNow. progressive style development since 1995