…letter from berlin_WGSN LONDON

wgsn: trend informations and updates from berlin. monthly updates  and insight_what new in: lifestyle, music, restaurants, night life, art, stores, designers and fashion hot spots.

monthly reports and special foto and lifestyle consumer study:  team member for more than 8 years.

client voices:

– its been a real pleasure to work with you over the years, your cheerfulness and enthusiasm is infectious!

lindsey dupler_wgsn

– this looks great! we will definitely put into art pulse and probably an exhibition review bitesize.


– hi there martin and very interesting info on retail  berlin this month.

i love the geometry store. I’d like to include it in the monthly round up of new stores, looks very cool.

amanda carr_store design and visual merchandising editor_wgsn

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WGSN Report from Berlin

WGSN nextguruNow reports in the monthly „letter from berlin“ about what is hot and inspiring in berlin:fresh informations and updates of what’s happening concerning  lifestyle, art, fashion and culture. specialized foto reports and journalistic research from abroad. WGSN is the leading global service providing online research, trend analysis and news to the fashion, design and …

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