The new look book of the ILM fair is just published. Thanks for having us. We love the result of the amazing photographer Marc Krause. Styling #nextguruNow ©pictures: Full look book: Styling: Photographer: Hair&Make-Up Ute Hildenbeutel Nicolas Ritter / Photography Assistant Sascha Kayani Cream Models Raina Masters Iconic Mngmt

… some catwallk and tv talk shows with Next G+U.R+U Now from the mid 90`s

the early days of the Next G+U.R+U Now, recycling, clubwear urban mutation couture catwalk shows berlin, düsseldorf, cologne…, hans meiser, parliament of fashion
all startet with urban mutation couture…back in the days..after the wall came down in berlin. in the beginning of the 90`s, clubs like ufo, fischlabor and later on the e werk and tresor was inspirational for the work and the homebase of uta and martin…events like chromapark

…ILM offenbach fair and BVLK fashion forecast in march

the ILM fair and the catwalk shows are getting closer….25.3. till 27.3.2011…

Fashion Shows EXPRESSIVE / IMPRESSIV :The I.L.M Winter Styles will surprise with a new show concept,  presenting  the central trend topics 2011-12 in two equivalent shows that go on stage as EXPRESSIVE and IMPRESSIVE and will run rotatingly throughout the day. Each show offers a thorough impression of the new season trends and the largest trend information possible for buyers’ dispositions.

TREND LECTURE at 12:15 p.m.: Fashion Consultant Martin Wuttke presents the most important seasonal topics in a concise trend exposé about what you should consider for the coming Autumn/Winter. This takes place at 12:15 p.m. every day right before the 12:30 p.m. showin the Event Center, Level C3.

FASHION FORECAST  SEASON SUMMER  2012   will take place at the 26.3.2011 at 4.30 pm…buyers lounge………….level C3….SEE YOU IN OFFENBACH

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