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frankfurter rundschau _ 2011 frankfurter rundschau covers the ILM trend directions...sorry its all in german....but the pictures from the official ILM press shooting (robert lichtenberg)....are amazing in any "language"....have also a look at the first blue article_ pictures.......after the jump. Weniger Schwarz, Khaki und Beige, dafür mehr grelle Farben, futuristische Formen und trendige Schnitte. Für Martin Wuttke, Fashion-Experte bei der gestern gestarteten internationalen Lederwarenmesse ILM „Winter Styles“ in Offenbach, ist klar: „Die neuen Kollektionen an Handtaschen, Schuhen und Lederbekleidung sind nicht mehr staubtrocken und für die großen Kleiderschränke, sondern frisch und progressiv.“........... Fashion-Experte Wuttke sieht das pragmatischer: „Einkäufer müssen wachsende Preise irgendwann akzeptieren.“ Gerade bei Leder und Mode habe Qualität eben ihren Preis. Mit den auf der Messe vorgestellten Kollektionen, die sich unter anderem an Science-Fiction-Filmen und am Sixties-Look orientieren, will er den Markt wieder ankurbeln. Jede neue Modeshow bringe einen neuen Trend hervor − und das fördere den Absatz.
berlin, blog, fashion, inspirations / 20.02.2011 are some  store and location updates for berlin...check out the amazing angry chicken food stall in kreuzberg, and don`t miss the amazing selection of COLORFUL fashion at the happy store on Torstrasse 67 ......have fun with the impressions of  berlin......last not least: the newly opened computer spiele museum berlin is amazing !!!!   angry chicken _ skalitzerstr. 36 _  10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

computer game museum : oldies  but  goldies.....they have them all..from pac man to mario nice to see them kickin again...

o see them kickin again.
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the ILM fair and the catwalk shows are getting closer....25.3. till 27.3.2011... Fashion Shows EXPRESSIVE / IMPRESSIV :The I.L.M Winter Styles will surprise with a new show concept,  presenting  the central trend topics 2011-12 in two equivalent shows that go on stage as EXPRESSIVE and IMPRESSIVE and will run rotatingly throughout the day. Each show offers a thorough impression of the new season trends and the largest trend information possible for buyers’ dispositions. TREND LECTURE at 12:15 p.m.: Fashion Consultant Martin Wuttke presents the most important seasonal topics in a concise trend exposé about what you should consider for the coming Autumn/Winter. This takes place at 12:15 p.m. every day right before the 12:30 p.m. showin the Event Center, Level C3. FASHION FORECAST  SEASON SUMMER  2012   will take place at the 26.3.2011 at 4.30 pm...buyers lounge.............level C3....SEE YOU IN OFFENBACH
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from time to time we cross brands and collections that are so amazing and brilliant that we want to share them with you...

one example is the extraordinary collection from the manila based brand MENTAL we explored during our manila research trip in november: as  the name already explains, the collection is very special  : powerful, kicking, and with a twist. for sure one of the most interesting brands in south asia at the moment.powerful, kicking, and have a really new twist. for sure one of the m
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will see you for sure @ THE PROJEKTGALERIE SHOWROOM -one of the best showrooms during the berlin fashion week:::::: the Fashion Fair Insitution for upcoming international designers and brands from High Fashion-, Street- and Avantgarde Scene.The exclusive showroom (professional audience and trade experts only) and corresponding special events will take place