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OUKAN 71 ... japanese for for sure ONE of THE most surprising and fascinating stores that opened in  Berlin this year. MR. HUY THONG and his team...are really product specialists and amazing curators of this jewel of a store. CHARMING products presentations..they know about each seam and detail of  all the products (or green tea they offer in the restaurant area). expect one of the best avant garde collections from the globe here.....
very positive: they have an  eye on the price ranges....: expect world class  premium denim pants from the japanese designer “Mabuya Mabuya” for about 200 € only`s fantastic to have those guys in town. i can only HIGHLY recomend to check out this store regulary. Each product is telling a story…(leather umbrella from T.A.S)…. fantastic interior concept with electronic doors….a mix of high tech and comfort zone.  most of the collections are exclusively …for Germany or Berlin. …. THEY OFFER LUNCH AND BREAKFEST..THE HAVE AN OWN Chef Patissier (Eriko Ohsawa) who creates aweseome chocolate and sweets..... OUKAN 71 CONCEPT STORE & TEA BAR RESTAURANT KRONENSTRASSE 71 / 10117 BERLIN WWW.OUKAN71.COM THEY OFFER LUNCH AND BREAKFEST..THE HAVE AN OWN Chef Patissier (Eriko Ohsawa) who creates aweseome chocolate and sweets......and tasty, tasty , tasty green teas..... [gallery link="file" columns="2"]
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shangaan electro 180 bpm from soweto makes the summer after the massive neo disco movement of the last month it’s now official : we have a new hype movement (hype in a positive sense !!!).....shangaan electro..made his way from the townships of south africa over the uk and the states to germany.......after baile funk..and cumbia...this movement shows....that consumer are listening more than ever globally.....the remix of cultures and rhythms and traditions is one of the key long term trends of the future...:call it hyper ethnic....or ethnotica  or what ever you like ... but have fun with shangan electro....the best cd is available over the label honest jons: billion bpm, it’s definitely made for the most lithe dancer, lots of nice little blunted hi-hat rolls and toy synth sounds..its fast, its happening and its smashing..... [caption id="attachment_3008" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="shangaan from soweto 180 bpm new cd out on honest jons"][/caption] SEE THE MUST SEE VIDOES HERE .. ITS AWESOME : give THE VIDEOS  30 seconds to grow and ENJOY PURE JOY

Tshetsha Boys-Nwa Pfundla...CLICK ME


aan electro is the street level dance aan electro is the street level dance shangaan electro is the street level dance phenomenon from south africa that went global in 2010 on the back of a series of viral youtube clips (2 million hits and counting) and an acclaimed