It was a massive and positive season opening during the BFWEEK. We researched the updates for the season on the following fairs: PANORAMA, PREMIUM, SEEK, NEONYT, SELVEDGE RUN, DER BERLINER SALON, AND OFF SITE EVENTS AT UPCOMING FANTASTIC NEW DESIGNER EVENTS AND SHOWROOM DATES DURING THE WEEKEND.
All Pictures from all fairs and events: ©nextguruNow.

KEY words: nature calling (defined by nextguruNow for ModEurop in April 2018) was massive with new checks and hiking details for boots and shoes.

Velour and Nubuk is the first choice for this Trend direction.Glam was visible especially in fury aspects. The ModEurop colour theme ENCHANTMENT was omnipresent. Pony hair will be presented on shoes, boots, bags. Short cutted fury aspects combined often with shiny and patent leather parts. LOOK out for fantasy designs printed on pony hair: be different was a strong message.

AND happily it was not all about corduroy and checks. For sure this new rustic crafted looks are important (but as we have seen corduroy already since some seasons) the mix has to be MODERN and broken with fresh colours and new coated surfaces. The GUCCI over decoration will be exchanged by colour blocking and pattern mix. BE sure to think about colours for shoes, bags, luggage and outdoor jackets: PUFFER JACKETS ongoing volume in colour and metallic or patent PVC materials. Heels and female high boots come in shiny surfaces, knitted sneaker boots had a great demand on all 4 fairs we visited. BACKPACKS mostly for the male assortment are ONGOING. HighTech fabrics are the key here. The NEONYT green fair was once again so important. The run for new Eco materials especially for bags. Chunky and technical sneakers: YES ongoing with BOLD colour details. Cowbooy boots in snake skin look or in a modern minimal interpretation: YES.

Have a great start into the new season, and see you soon for the trend updates summer 2020 and for the COLOUR CLUB CONFERENCE Winter 20/21.
Yours Uta & Martin