Here are some cool looks: Chinese urban youth: YES they are trend right and fashion forward. Pictures taken on our last  trend presentation trip, exploring Guangzhou downtown district. ©pitures: nextguruNow


It was a massive and positive season opening during the BFWEEK. We researched the updates for the season on the following fairs: PANORAMA, PREMIUM, SEEK, NEONYT, SELVEDGE RUN, DER BERLINER SALON, AND OFF SITE EVENTS AT UPCOMING FANTASTIC NEW DESIGNER EVENTS AND SHOWROOM DATES DURING THE WEEKEND. All Pictures from all fairs and events: ©nextguruNow. KEY …

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As we already reported several times the South KOREAN fashion scene is getting bold and visible in Europe. The latest fresh entry is the small but ultra-fine store and venue KNOK: at the same time an exhibition space for up-and-coming designer from Korea, a café and a shop. A place for minimalistic design from South Korea. …

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Interview with the amazing artist Pascale Marthine Tayou

any readers loved the picts of the Pascale Marthine Tayou exhibition in Malaga. Therefore: here is a warm, positive and inspiring video interview Video: © Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2016 / Camera: Klaus Elmer

…letter from berlin_WGSN LONDON

wgsn: trend informations and updates from berlin. monthly updates  and insight_what new in: lifestyle, music, restaurants, night life, art, stores, designers and fashion hot spots.

monthly reports and special foto and lifestyle consumer study:  team member for more than 8 years.

client voices:

– its been a real pleasure to work with you over the years, your cheerfulness and enthusiasm is infectious!

lindsey dupler_wgsn

– this looks great! we will definitely put into art pulse and probably an exhibition review bitesize.


– hi there martin and very interesting info on retail  berlin this month.

i love the geometry store. I’d like to include it in the monthly round up of new stores, looks very cool.

amanda carr_store design and visual merchandising editor_wgsn

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…nextgurunow foto safari NYC in LR magazine

the nextgurunow. NYC bag trend research street  safari is now published in the lederwaren report issue nr. 09 / 11…….you can order the magazine  online…there is also the first and amazing  LR photo shoot  in the issue .see link below….. LEDERWAREN REPORT