Here are some cool looks: Chinese urban youth: YES they are trend right and fashion forward. Pictures taken on our last  trend presentation trip, exploring Guangzhou downtown district. ©pitures: nextguruNow


After the Eckhaus Latta X-rated pixelated advertisment picts stormed instagram and other social media platforms: here is a higly interesting article from the I-D online mag.As Eckhaus Latta is one of the most influancial brands at the moment, it is maybe time to think about their approach to advertising. Here is the report from © Erica Euse. …

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Next G+U.R+U Now

extracts of the Next G+U.R+U Now collections
from 1995 until 1999

photos by schwarzer & wäller

originally founded in 1995 as a fashion label under the brand name of Next G+U.R+U Now, which has become one of berlin`s most prominent avantgarde labels. collection names such as „home-sitting vampires” „hybrids, one step beyond the body lotion” or „humanize” convey the combination of various levels of reality, which is the leitmotif of their style. until 1999 their international success was secured by participating in the mayor fashion fairs from paris, milano to düsseldorf.

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…letter from berlin_WGSN LONDON

wgsn: trend informations and updates from berlin. monthly updates  and insight_what new in: lifestyle, music, restaurants, night life, art, stores, designers and fashion hot spots.

monthly reports and special foto and lifestyle consumer study:  team member for more than 8 years.

client voices:

– its been a real pleasure to work with you over the years, your cheerfulness and enthusiasm is infectious!

lindsey dupler_wgsn

– this looks great! we will definitely put into art pulse and probably an exhibition review bitesize.


– hi there martin and very interesting info on retail  berlin this month.

i love the geometry store. I’d like to include it in the monthly round up of new stores, looks very cool.

amanda carr_store design and visual merchandising editor_wgsn

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