…nextgurunow with new web site and blog

hurra hurra es ist bald soweit – wir gehen online… so was findet sich dann in unseren archiven… WE  ARE SOON ONLINE WITH A NEW WEB SITE AND BLOG ….HAPPY WE ARE !

…seasonal trendbook’s

kangaROOS –
since 2005

realisation of seasonal tendencies books:  a design direction for the KangaROOS apparel licence holder germany as a coordination tool for the apparel buying section

focused on artwork developments, seasonal colour card and combinations, styling and shape studys, development of the artworks for placed prints and alloverprints as well as special branding details

clients voice:
„it`s a pleasure to work with next guru. uta and martin are working extremly professional and have the senses to develop the right feeling for our brand. we are looking forward to an ongoing and successful cooperation.“
Bernd D. Hummel–Geschäftsführer Bernd Hummel GmbH

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…style leaders exhibition nextgurunow

style leaders vs. curiosity: „nextgurunow founders uta riechers wuttke and martin wuttke present an exhibition of photographs centered on the personal image of the „role models“. street photographs taken from global fashion hot spots contrast the subject with a detail in their immediate environment.“

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