Next G+U.R+U Now

extracts of the Next G+U.R+U Now collections
from 1995 until 1999

photos by schwarzer & wäller

originally founded in 1995 as a fashion label under the brand name of Next G+U.R+U Now, which has become one of berlin`s most prominent avantgarde labels. collection names such as „home-sitting vampires” „hybrids, one step beyond the body lotion” or „humanize” convey the combination of various levels of reality, which is the leitmotif of their style. until 1999 their international success was secured by participating in the mayor fashion fairs from paris, milano to düsseldorf.

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salon international des jeunes stylistes_NEXT G+U.R+U NOW_HYERES

Our own collection Next G+U.R+U Now was selected two times to present a special collection during Europe’s most prestigious fashion competition event for talented artists and designer at Hyeres France. Those 2 catwalk shows made the beginning of the ongoing success of the collection of Next G+U.R+Now. espace 3000_ hyères. Our collection was one of …

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