panorama fair magazine_interview with nextguruNow.

…the new edition of the panorama magazine no.2, is published online today, and gives an excellent overview of the current situation of the fashion industry. many thanks to the panorama team and ralf strotmeier for this interview about our agency. we wish you a successful panorama berlin fair…read the interview CHASING THE ZEITGEIST in the panorama fair magazine N0.2 here:


In 1995, the two fashion designers Uta Riechers-Wuttke and Martin Wuttke formed their Berlin agency nextguruNow, offering trend forecasts and design services for fashion and accessories companies. Panorama Berlin Magazine met the two for an interview in their creative office in Berlin-Mitte.

Your trend agency nextguruNow has been involved in the fashion industry for over 15 years now; to what factors do you attribute your success? The product is the cornerstone of every brand and our primary focus. From checking existing design concepts to restructuring collections, trend research can help define the right type of positioning. However, we have to consider various concepts and designs for a brand, to properly capture and express its soul. We offer professional support during design processes, adapted to our customers’ individual needs.

What is the emphasis of your work? To help give our customers a strategic lead in the market, we anticipate which trends will be most influential in the lifestyle sector, the arts, music, and, of course, fashion. Personalised trend books for fashion and bag labels are also what make us unique. We also focus on exclusive designs for leatherware. Last, but not least, trend

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