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In times where youth vibes are getting global, and often blurred into a mainstream mash, it's refreshing to see that the underground club culture scene is coming back strong in London. See the fearless Loverboy club night from designer Charles Jeffery here: club-night picture: © The collections of Charles Jeffrey is electrifying menswear: I-D magazine is reporting: "Remember the days when fashion, clubbing and personality used to go hand-in-hand? When nights of hedonism were worn
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The Berlin Alternative Fashion Week (hold last weekend) is a perfect event if you are looking for inspirations in between the season, especially for prints, and streetwear directions. Once again the BAFW was thrilling and powerful. Some of our highlights: TATA CHRISTIANE & ZL by ZSLISM, real veagn bags fromLucky Nelly, and for a childishly, positive and naive look at the world: the performance art outfits from JUSTYNA KOEKE. Enjoy the pictures from the amazing shows here.  © of all pictures: nextguruNow. [gallery size="full" columns="2" link="file" ids="7028,7033,7030,7031,7035,7034,7036,7037,7032,7029"] Berlin Alternative Fashion Week is a platform showcasing the rise of alternative concepts in