Following the success of Apple, major Fashion brands  are taking their hand on fashionable tech: get inspired by the MODEUROP BAGS Fashion Forecast Winter 16 / 17 during the ILM fair: The FASHION FORECAST AUTUMN / WINTER 2016/17 is being held on:
Sunday September 13, 2015, at 5.00 pm.

The International Leather Goods Fair is exclusively a trade fair, visitors must be registered.

In connection with this event, the German Federal Association of the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry, HDS/L, invites you to a lecture on the fashion themes of next year’s autumn/winter season.



The brain and soul of Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane talks about inspiration and his private life, in a rare, interview with Dirk Standen, the press adverse designer discussed his professional approach, and plans for Saint Laurent’s.

“I like the concept of blogs, and the multiplicity of voices, the global discussion. The way it has forced the establishment to change its perspective,”

Read the interview here:

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MODEUROP BAGS_Trends 2016 / 17


Save the Date: MODEUROP BAGS: Fashion Forecast Bags HW 16/17 auf der ILM in Offenbach Der Umbruch ist da. Eine pointierte Inszenierung und plakative Botschaften sind gefragt. Die Suche nach neuen Ausdrucksformen ist unübersehbar. Das sagt Trendberater Martin Wuttke, der am 13. September anlässlich der ILM in Offenbach einen Ausblick auf die Trends von übermorgen wirft. Präsentiert werden die neuesten Trends der Saison Herbst/Winter 2016/17 von Martin Wuttke und Uta Riechers-Wuttke am Messesonntag, 13. September, um 17 Uhr in der  I.L.M Lounge, Ebene C3. Der Spannungsbogen reicht von sportiv, futuristisch zurückgenommen, elegant kraftvoll gemixt, opulent inszeniert bis hin zu robust natürlich geprägten Trendwelten. Dabei wagt die Saison Herbst/Winter 2016/17 noch einmal den Blick zurück in die Historie. Sportives und Casual bleiben Stil bestimmend.

Es bleibt spannend wie sich die Zukunft entwickelt. Wie die verschiedenen Stile und Themen die Mode beeinflussen, erläutert Martin Wuttke im Rahmen seines mit zahlreichen Bildern illustrierten Vortrags.

Die Teilnahme erfordert keine Anmeldung und ist selbstverständlich kostenlos.

Kontakt: Dr. Claudia Schulz / Email: c.schulz(at)

KOFTA_concept leather accessories


The order season is on, but besides the look at the history, there is also a strong trend to very reduced forms and minimalism. Here is a fantastic leather goods designer from Kiev. Konstantin Kofta combines seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional fashion looks. His garments are visonary but wearable. Konstantin Kofta  collection features a futuristic aesthetic in which most of its pieces take inspiration from ideas associated with the physical sciences. After all the fringes and vintage looks it`s great to see a pure and clean collection.

As always, we report not because we get paid, but rather because we want to share visionary ideas and products.

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KOFTA is available at concept stores worldwide: he is also available in our favorite stores: Daad Dantone in Milan, and ODD in NYC .

Daad Dantone SRL  / Via Santo Spirito, 24 / Milano, Italy

ODD. / 164 Ludlow Street / New York, NY 10002

We read it first at: yatzer

Berlin Fashion Week_Su_16


MBFW was happening once again.Summer 16 will be soft and delicate, the return of the 70`s will rule, but also bright prints will enrich the stores next season : BOOMING BLOOM is the name of this trend theme from us for MODEUROP and the ILM. Even if the last issue of the legendary  BBB was a disappointing finish before the Zalando edition starts next year.The Panorama fair performed on a very high level, new brands, and the new Nova hall brought refreshment. The Premium fair was busy and solid as expected with great new brands. The Seek and Bright were a great attraction for ubran minimal and sleek buyers, the location at the Arena is established and fantastic. Let’s hope that the new owner of the Bright exhibition brings the fair further forward. The raw indigo driven Selvedge Run will be for sure a magnet in the new location next season. Our favorite Designer Catwalk shows during the fashion week was: BOBBY KOLADE and  SADAK !!!

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ANTEPRIMA_leather fair trends 16_17


The Anterprima fair in Milan presented once again a creative and vibrating selection of the most edgy italian tanneries. The retune of black, the new “natural” vibe and some eclectic color flashes proved that winter 16_17 will be thrilling. One very interesting new tendency was the strong  shift towards high tech finishings. For us the Anteprima was again a MUST see fair espeically when you  are looking for an early trend overview for the key trend and leather directions.

@ pictures: nextguruNow.

DIOR AND I : starting in Germany


No matter what the critics say. For everyone who works in the fashion industry, this film is a MUST SEE: finally  the film is launched in Germany. The movie is available on DVD via dogwood as well.

© pict: DIOR AND I

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SCHWARZHOGERZEIL new fashion location


One of our favourite stores for selected fine designer brands SCHWARZHOGERZEIL has moved to a new location in Berlin Mitte. From the Mulackstrasse the owner Nicole Hogerzeil moved around the corner of our design office to the Torstrassse.In the larger store, the former two stores are now combined in ONE with a even better selection of brands like: Perret Schaad, Common Projects or Carven and new labels such as Marni or Dries von Noten. The inspirational retail space of Hogerzeil is a must see.

Torstrasse 173
10115 Berlin
T +49 30-28 87 38 68
Mo – Fr 12-20
Sa 12-18

© Photo: Ludger Paffrath