seasonal guidelines_NEW YORKER_NEXTGURUNOW

extract of long term trendbooks  – smog red and smog

realisation of seasonal trendbooks  – pointing out the long term trends to the menswear buying department
design of  complete collections / intakes monthly collection built up for menswear and boy’s streetwear – graphic input and briefing of the graphic design teams. worldwide trend and fabric research on fairs like pv, pitti filati, up to intersttoff asia hk. overgiving of the concrete designs to the international production agents from turkey, to asia,hk. research at fashion hot spots and international fairs.

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…colour club meeting su 13

…..the design season summer 2013 has already started….and the colour meeting from modeurope took place at the beautiful headquarters of KANGAROOS in pirmasens, neuffer am park…….good vibes…good colour selection…..once again, it was great to work with the colour club team….here are some impressions…..

…fashion forecast BVLK winter 12_LR magazine

…the LR magazine with the fashion forecast themes BVLK by nextguruNow. is out….for all of you who missed the conference… can buy the mag here: LR

in the LR issue you find also the report about the highlights of the leather fair TREND SELECTION NYC…with key facts and statements.

BUT if you would like to get the complete season 2012 overview : order the cd rom with the detailed forecast, including pantone colour numbers, at the BVLK head office….the trend text is in german..but the visuals speak a global language : )…………….
Es herrschen im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes stürmische Zeiten: Hurrikane, Naturkatastrophen und die Ohnmacht der Technologie regen die Menschen zum Nachdenken an.

…details about the amazing OUKAN 71 concept store berlin

OUKAN 71 … japanese for crown… for sure ONE of THE most surprising and fascinating stores that opened in  Berlin this year. MR. HUY THONG and his team…are really product specialists and amazing curators of this jewel of a store. CHARMING products presentations..they know about each seam and detail of  all the products (or green tea they offer in the restaurant area).

expect one of the best avant garde collections from the globe here…..

very positive: they have an  eye on the price ranges….: expect world class  premium denim pants from the japanese designer “Mabuya Mabuya” for about 200 € only ….it`s fantastic to have those guys in town. i can only HIGHLY recomend to check out this store regulary.

Each product is telling a story…(leather umbrella from T.A.S)…. fantastic interior concept with electronic doors….a mix of high tech and comfort zone.  most of the collections are exclusively …for Germany or Berlin.

…. THEY OFFER LUNCH AND BREAKFEST..THE HAVE AN OWN Chef Patissier (Eriko Ohsawa) who creates aweseome chocolate and sweets…..




THEY OFFER LUNCH AND BREAKFEST..THE HAVE AN OWN Chef Patissier (Eriko Ohsawa) who creates aweseome chocolate and sweets……and tasty, tasty , tasty green teas…..

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…KUALA LUMPUR_SINGAPORE_fashion highlights

kuala lumpur and singapore proofed one more time that not only tokyo and seoul are the main fashion capitals in asia.the styling on the streets was highly creative….the most powerful trend will be the combination of traditional (ethnic) fabrics with modern fabrics and styling. goth and dark wave styling is still very strong, but the 60`s and early 70`s are increasing trends. local brands like PHILOSOPHY are gaining more and more importance…..the best malls to check out local brands and talent are: sungei wang plaza mall and fahrenheit 88…both located close to BB plaza.

here are some key looks from sr and kl…….thanks to ayie _ DETECTIF  STAILISTA _and kimmy for the support !!!!!



published 11.11.201

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as you have noticed the blog was a bit i was travelling kuala lumpur and malaysia and singapore for 15 days. it was an extremely inspirational trip….and all the meetings with the fashion scene in KL worked out brilliant. one of the guys who made the meetings possible is the one and only AYIE_haswari ali (ayie ali)…fashion editor and the creative brain behind the most successful malayan entertainment and fashion web site….is not only the most famous online fashion editor of malaysia..he is also an fabric expert, from batik to ikat he has the over knowledge about the traditional and modern craft scene in malaysia. in his column DETECTIF  STAILISTA he writes about the most important V.I.P´s and actors, the happening singer and celebrities….up to fashion news from the  royal family….ayie has the talent and the power and is for sure THE rising star as malaysians number one lifetyle editor. he has the rare ability to report  about fashion critically with a human sense of humour !! if you ever have to work one a fashion subject in malaysia…..i would more than recommend ayie and his team. a warm and big thank you goes out to his awesome fashion colleague KIMMY…..who is a “mall” expert…and helped me a lot to find the sometimes hidden trend  treasures and fashion hotspot’s  in KL…..


expect some more info in the next days.