Berlin Fashion Week_ Winter 16_17

After a tense season for retailers in Germany and Europe, the atmosphere during the fashion week was much better than expected…we do not hope that it’s a dance on the volcano. The fashion themes for winter 16/17 are broader and more varied than ever. Everything is possible, nothing is necessary…BUT the 70`s touch and cropped pants are a key item, new contemporary is maybe overused. Patterns are a MUST, and colours are faded and soft, especially winter purple, petroleum and red tones are indispensable. High Tech and Fashion technology is a big new field to inspire customres, partticulary in the men’s fashion world.

Here are some impressions from the Berlin fashion week…our team was busy researching and trend spotting on 5 fairs, as well as showrooms and catwalk shows, spotting more than 250 collections during the 4 days….: All pictures: ©nextguruNow

Highlight fairs: