Yes, 5 very inspiring days of the Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2019. Yes, Berlin has the highest and most inspiring density of fantastic designers. Nowhere in Germany, fashion and art are as visible as in Berlin. The Catwalk Shows from the many great brands like Willam Fan, Lou de Bètoly, #Damur, Nobi Talai, Marina Hoermanseder to Christoph Rumpf, winner of the Hyères Festival proofed: it’s a good season for new trends.
On the other hand, trade fairs are changing all over the world, buyers are shorter in town, and brands are considering a trade fair participation.
Berlin can move a lot, Berlin has brought a lot of new tendencies: it is up to the entire industry to use this strength! Without information beyond the rim of the plate, things will definitely not get any easier.
READ more about the retail situation after some key pictures from:our 5 day research during: PANORAMA, SELVEDGE RUN,PREMIUM, SEEK, NEONYT, CATWALK SHOWS AND SHOWROOMS.
Key trend themes:
Sustainability, colour yes, but clearly more accentuated, pattern yes but less sporty.
A new causal chic is on the move. Think neo workwear, think cool combat. Pop art and flash colours are here to stay. There is a movement towards new elegance, which should always be played easily.
White is celebrated by many as the new IT: but the theme of the new summer darks and fired tones and the new brown is even more important.
We carry out the analysis for our customers, we only show a few extracts here. If you are interested in a more complex report, we would be pleased to receive your inquiry.
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Nature, ethno and sustainability are more than a statemtent at the green NEONYT fair. Also sneakers are able to show bold fashion statements, even in leather free materials.
What about heels? Yes, some,but you really have to look for them. It is to be assumed that an even bigger sneaker wave is approaching. Trekking and sporty sandals often look more exciting than the next white sneaker.  Cotton tops and raffia as well as espadrille wedges and flats are a good alternative.
On the other hand also a lot of nylon, also with neon aspects (neon…? Many believe in those colours as an accent).
Falling retail sales, more demanding customers and the fact that everyone has enough in their closet make the temptation to shop more and more difficult. Fashion weeks and information about new trends, not only in Berlin, are more important than ever.
Almost all trade fair platforms have received good ratings. however, it now seems that the focus is no longer on individual locations. The time is now to see Berlin as a unit: with charisma and as the biggest German trend barometer.
Where should the trade find inspiration if not at fairs ??? In Showrooms ??? Online?
Here is a statement from the SCHUHKURIER website: Karim Choukair, Melvin & Hamilton:
„The overall situation in the industry is very fragile. It’s on a knife’s edge. This is true for the trade as well as for manufacturers and trade fair organizers. Now no mistakes are allowed to happen“.
If you want to read more about the retail and fair situation here is a link to the Sportswear International article: This short introduction belongs to ©by Juliette Tafreschi (Sportswear International).
Ibo Ücel, owner of the newcomer label Stitchy, also sees problems on the retailer side: „You simply have to say that it is difficult for many retailers to overcome these distances. It is always said that retailers are looking for new, fresh brands, but I have the feeling that they don’t have time to be really inspired. No more looking left and right, just checking off what they have on their list. There’s not much room for anything new.“
Heiko Holzapfel, co-owner of Miracle of Denim, shares this opinion: „There’s nothing to talk nice about here, the development is not good. It needs a new concept. Of course we also had new customers here and there at our booth, but you can’t be satisfied with the result. This is a general development in the market. The small retailer who concentrates on just one thing and stays with the familiar will have a hard time in the future, and I think he will no longer exist in that form. The future is concept stores.“
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