…berlin fashion week_winter 13_14_trend impressions_part 2

…here is the second part of the berlin fashion week fair highlights. we will show only some selected highlights from the 7 fairs/showrooms and 6 catwalk shows that we checked this season.  part two_berlin fashion week: thanks to the berlin fashion week: http://berlin.mbfashionweek.com, , http://seekexhibitions.com, http://www.premiumexhibitions.com, http://www.capsuleshow.com,

spy cams filming visitors on the booth: one topic is more than frightening: we spotted a famous fashion company observing their booth and the visitors on the panorama and the show and order fair by  invisible „spy cameras“ during the fair. their was no visible sign informing about the use of those camreas or the use of the data. and the team one the booth answered that they want to see in detail who and how long the visitors is on site. eyerbody knows that those practices are banned in the stores of lidl, aldi and other supermarkets in europe. it`s a serious topic and we hope that this act will be to remain an ugly exception.