The Lineapelle has probably strengthened its position this season. In a challenging time, the manufacturers clearly showed what is attractive: creative and fresh products. Due to the new trend conferences in the Innovation Square Hall, the Lineapelle now also deals with the topics digitisation, sustainability and future trends. It is pleasing that more innovative companies and products will soon be exhibiting in this area.
Special attention will of course be paid to the colours for autumn winter 19/20.
As the creative directors of ModEurop it was again massive to meet our creative network and business insiders on the fairground of the Lineapelle. The ModEurop colour chart adopted in April was more than confirmed on the Lineapelle. The elegant glam Viola tones of the topic „Enchantment“ in addition, the new nature near brown and ochre colors as well as Pop up colors such as „Lolipop red“ and „Golden Yellow“ were particularly in the focus.
Metallics and foil coatings were omnipresent on the leather surfaces, so it will definitely glitter and glitter again. Especially new are the metallic effects when combined with organic and soft vintage treatments. Artisanal, hand-spotted rubberized coatings were the special highlight of Jacobs Leather’s collection: sensual, gloomy, and mystical in effect. With laser-cut surfaces, Two Tone effects ensure that colour shines out excitingly and sets accents.
In the area of synthetics, significantly more colour was shown than on the leathers.
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