new backpack power from berlin

we met nora hänska, the designer of the amazing backpack brand hänska last saturday during the fashion circus event at kaufhaus  jahndorf…..HÄNSKA bags are functional beauties …:
the story of hänska rucksack’s began with a simple need.  „we were looking for a lightweight functional rucksack that wasn’t overdesigned. 
 inspired by the simple but remarkably effective geometry of the paper envelope, nora designed her first rucksack.our range of boutique bags is practical and minimalist, complimenting contemporary urban and outdoor lifestyles.“we craft all our bags locally in berlin to the highest standard, to ensure that you get the longest possible use out of our products. made from high performance fabrics usually used on soft-top boats, they have a superior quality feel.
see the picts of the transparent foldable backpack: made out of a material used for catamaran boats..very light and durable.

all designs are based on a zero waste principle, so assembling your bag produces no off-cuts. we source all our materials in germany and france.

posted: 3_2014