Osaka & Tokyo: Booming fashion metropolises. After 5 trips to Tokyo it was time for an intense trend research and street foto shoots of happening fashion people in Tokyo and especially in the „rebellious“ sister city Osaka. Statement: Fashion still has a very high priority and information about the product and the company history continues to be a central part of the textile and fashion retail culture.
Below the pictures are some short key topics, about trends and some store that we can really recomend if you are looking for concepts out of the BOX (we are not paid for any suggestions: we report about concepts we LOVE).
If you are interested in a detailed report about the most important trends and product developments in the area of shoes and bags, we are looking forward hearing from you.
Osaka is often underestimated, but scores with a manageable size of 2.9 million, and above all with many subcultures and a lively artist and vintage scene. In the Amerika Muru quarter streetwear and vintage is celebrated on the highest level.
The Orange Street unites hip second hand stores beside the hip IT brands like Bape, Supreme, Soph, Wtaps, or the cult bags of BAG’n’NOUN, Mr Porter, and Masterpiece.
Multibrand Stores:
In contrast to Europe, the number of multi-brand stores is increasingly rather than decreasing. Even in high end malls like Namba Parks in Osaka there are a lot of exciting well curated stores that offer variety and a rotating brand selection.
This trend is also visible in the young fashion and urban sectors.
Sneaker Mania:
Hardly any other country is as permeated by sneakers as Japan. Within 14 days it was hard to see leather boots, pumps or heels in the street scene.
Bags and Colours:
Technical backpacks and above all urban trekking tendencies as well as cross body bags are omnipresent. The Fanny Packs have passed their zenith. In addition to Japanese nylon bags, brands such as Head Porter and Camouflage Dry Bags from the German brand Gregory could be seen strikingly often in a large number of assortments.
Inspiring Stores Osaka:
Founded in 1994, the store bundles a selection of up-and-coming Japanese brands. Excellent mix of women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories and some shoe brands. Pleasantly few sneakers.
Founded by the product designer and interior consultant Takefumi Tanaka.
Our friends Minami and Masahiro sold our won collection Next G+U.R+U Now in the late 90`s. So we are very proud and happy that we are still well connected with this power fashion couple.
Founded in the early 90s by Minami and Masahiro Tsunoda. The shops LIFT ECRU and LIFT ETAGE are located in the noble district Daikanyama almost next to each other and are a temple of the high school of selling and a fantastic mix from european high end concept designer brands up to Japanese upcoming labels..
Masahiro Tsundoa: „We are the mediator between the design philosophy of the brands and our customers“. In our stores, we offer more than just fashion.
DESIGN FESTA Festival Toyko:
If you ever can join the biggest Asian Design Festival:::: GO FOR IT. MASSIVE it is.