Leather-goods sourcing fares like Lineapelle and PV are later than ever this season. The Anterprima leather fair in Milan took not place this July. For all brands working with leather-goods this are BAD news.
And on the other side, the famous Milano Unica is switching here dates nearly two month earlier.
It was a big risk and in the end: wow: the fair was very well visited.
As productions and prototyping is not faster nowadays it would be a great step if leather skin fares and tanneries would be presented as well not end of September or October.
A very positive signal is the Trend confirmation: on the Milano Unica website ii it very clear to see that the MODEUROP leather color themes for shoes and the updates for BAGS are RIGHT !!!!
Here are some facts from © Sportswear International: by Maria Cristina Pavarini — July 14, 2017 (see the link to the full article below)

„Crowded halls and happy exhibitors characterized the latest edition of Milano Unica, which recently changed its schedule and was held July 11-13 – two months earlier than usual for the first time.
The show registered the presence of 6,000 visiting companies, as many as those who visited it in September 2016, though they spent double the time inside the show compared to a year ago.
The presence of foreign visitors increased significantly as Dutch visitors grew 46%, Portugal registered +42%, Germany +32%, Russia +32% and the US +26%, in addition to other positive results from UK, France and Turkey. A loss was registered from Italian, Far Eastern and Chinese visitors, though the latter will probably visit the October edition of Milano Unica held in Shanghai instead.“

„Also premium denim specialist Berto was happy with the results: “Already since the first hours from the opening we registered great attendance results–both in terms of number and quality of visitors, as this show gives us the opportunity to meet top level brands,” said Berto’s Arianna Morimando.
The trend of sports fabrics entering almost every manufacturer’s collection and a deep love for jacquard and elaborate surface fabrics continue. Great attention for more environmentally friendly products and treatments are also a must.“

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