After busy days in Milano we are very happy to announce that the creativity of the tanneries and the synthetic fabrics shown during Lineapelle was massive.
The ModEurop colour card that was finalized in October 2018 (and still available at is very !! close to the Lineapelle colour directions.
One thing is for sure: even if everybody is talking about the massive bright colours and fantasy effects: DON’T forget the beauty of MORPH BROWN; MOCHA, COCONUT BROWN and SEAWEED GREEN.


As noted in the ModEurop Forecast it was a massive presentation of shiny, glittery and sparkling treatments on leather as well on synthetics.
The contrast between man made in neutral colours with technical surfaces and shiny effects will make the spring summer season 2020 intense and full of unexpected mixed up patterns.

Sustainability was more than visible in all sections of the fair.
High perforce fabrics often with a zero waste footprint are becoming more and more important.
In the leather section the Bio tanned techniques are a very positive signal for an industry that is already cleaner than most of the PU material industry.
The beauty of leather was sometimes only visible on the second view. As animal and metallics where so bright and glittery that a ultralight Napa with no grain was often overseen by some visitors. BE sure the ultralight and ultralight leather will make it to the collections. Especially in colours like BLUE BELL; NUTMEG; SAGE; CLOUD WHITE and ZINC.