Vetements teams up with ready to wear brands for the couture shows

A new take on couture became reality during the Paris couture shows. Here is the report with all details of the surprising coop of Demna Gvasali and team.

„Unsurprisingly, the Vetements take on couture was a far cry from the flowering, gossamer gowns we’ll undoubtedly see later this week. (Though given lead designer Demna Gvasalia’s position as the creative director of Balenciaga and past gigs at Louis Vuitton and Margiela, he could certainly do that if he wanted.) Instead, Vetements amplified its twisted riffs on everyday apparel by collaborating directly with 18 well-known brands. There were Carhartt work aprons cut as oversized jumpsuits, metallic Manolo Blahnik boots that shot all the way up to the hip bone, and windbreakers with a Reebok insignia on the breast and a Vetements logo on the hood.“ Article from Eliza Brooke from racked.

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Picture_ ©Photo_Victor Virgile:Getty Images_The Racked vetements