Arc’teryx: outdoor brand goes Urban Menswear fashion

canadian outdoor brand arc`teryx presents the second collection for URBAN dressed men…: an amazing minimal design orientated menswear line under the Arc’teryx Veilance name….

as other outdoor function brands like stone island have shown already…this new line proves that there is a strong desire in menswear to look smart and dressed without missing the high tech features, the  function and comfort of an outdoor brand. the price range is for sure high end market.

straight to the bone…..functional fabrics and details combined with an inner city menswear look. future looks technical indeed.

images from the arc`teryx web site…. article…and interview: from montecristo magazine……

the price range is for sure high end market.

… the full article there: Craig David Long is associate editor of Montecristo, a Vancouver-based lifestyle quarterly, where a version of this article first appeared. montecristo

“We’re designing products for a market that we believe will exist in the future,” said Jordan, referring to the Veilance line. “We believe that people buying product for city life are going to want everything they are getting from their city product today, plus they are going to want improved performance over time,” he continued. “I think that is inevitable. But with Veilance, we weren’t in a hurry to try and drive a lot of sales because we realized we couldn’t change the world overnight in that regard. It’s a question of whether the world is on the cusp of shifting in that direction or not. And if it does, we want to be on the forefront of the wave.”

Indeed, Jordan sees Veilance as the starting point of a long-term vision for the company, one that extends well beyond his tenure as president. “When we think of fashion, we think of brands that have built a reputation over 50 or 100 years,” he said. “We’re trying to replicate that with Veilance a little bit, so the decisions we make today ensure that Arc’teryx carries the same meaning and has the same ideals a century from now.”  veilance.arcteryx