It was a great honor for us to select and present the winning bags during the 15th Huadu, Shilling leather and product festival in Guangzhou China. A fantastic co-operation with the Ars_utoria team from Milan, thanks for the invitation ! The presentation and the direction and show styling was enthusiastically received by more than 600 trade visitors and experts. Thanks to the fantastic team of the Shilling producers and STEPHANIE, as well a big HANDS up to all the models, the choreographer team, the music and vision team and all the backstage helpers. It was a BLAST. Thanks for having us !!! The interest for the German market was great.

Here are some impressions from the presentation and the runway show of the winning bags from the bag competitions 2018. See the links at the bottom for more details.



Clients voice, Stephanie LIANG LIJUN: I am very happy to work with you. You are professional, responsible, experienced, considerate, smart, humor and friendly. Your presentation is very excellent and impressive. I am very proud of you. I hope we can work together in the future. 

R&F group:

富力·环贸港 x 狮岭皮革节