Berlin Fashion Week_Su_16

MBFW was happening once again.Summer 16 will be soft and delicate, the return of the 70`s will rule, but also bright prints will enrich the stores next season : BOOMING BLOOM is the name of this trend theme from us for MODEUROP and the ILM. Even if the last issue of the legendary  BBB was a disappointing finish before the Zalando edition starts next year.The Panorama fair performed on a very high level, new brands, and the new Nova hall brought refreshment. The Premium fair was busy and solid as expected with great new brands. The Seek and Bright were a great attraction for ubran minimal and sleek buyers, the location at the Arena is established and fantastic. Let’s hope that the new owner of the Bright exhibition brings the fair further forward. The raw indigo driven Selvedge Run will be for sure a magnet in the new location next season. Our favorite Designer Catwalk shows during the fashion week was: BOBBY KOLADE and  SADAK !!!

© all pictures: nextguruNow.