KOFTA_concept leather accessories

The order season is on, but besides the look at the history, there is also a strong trend to very reduced forms and minimalism. Here is a fantastic leather goods designer from Kiev. Konstantin Kofta combines seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional fashion looks. His garments are visonary but wearable. Konstantin Kofta  collection features a futuristic aesthetic in which most of its pieces take inspiration from ideas associated with the physical sciences. After all the fringes and vintage looks it`s great to see a pure and clean collection.

As always, we report not because we get paid, but rather because we want to share visionary ideas and products.


KOFTA is available at concept stores worldwide: he is also available in our favorite stores: Daad Dantone in Milan, and ODD in NYC .

Daad Dantone SRL  / Via Santo Spirito, 24 / Milano, Italy

ODD. http://www.thisisodd.nyc / 164 Ludlow Street / New York, NY 10002

We read it first at: yatzer