BVLK_the pre forecast meeting_trends winter 12_13

nextguruNow presented the BVLK pre trend themes yesterday  in offenbach.thanks to the members who joined the presentation and discussion !!!!

the pre-forecast meeting was the kick off for the leather goods bag industry……and the general atmosphere was very positive….


bright colors will be a strong statement for winter 12_13—-highlighted by „neutrality“ the neutral color story …..

the main forecast date will be during the upcoming ILM fair in offenbach……:

Sonntag,  25. September 2011

16.30 Uhr, I.L.M Lounge Ebene C3 – FASHION FORECAST  H/W 2012/13 – Modethemen und Taschentendenzen  – Präsentation: Martin Wuttke


therefore we can present only an impression….of the colour themes……