international wardrobe_must see exhibition for textile lovers

TAKE THE CHANCE AND check out the exhibition from Katharina Koppenwallner at the  GALLERY  BQ in berlin: …..IF YOU WORK IN THE TEXTILE BUSINESS..OR IF YOU ARE  READY FOR NEW AND INSPIRING CONCEPTS AND….THE BEAUTY OF REAL HANDMADE PRODUCTS..and pattern…….ITS A MUST SEE SEE !!! HYPER ETHNIC IS A MAYOR TREND FOR THE YEAR 2012…you find massive inspirations in the products from katharina…..:

The aim of International Wardrobe is to give traditional and ethnic home textiles a prospering plattform. With the worldwide aquisition and sale of beautiful, antique and ethnic textiles and telling more about the history and cultural background International Wardrobe is to nourish a contemporary approach towards clothing for people as well as for furniture. It is the on going search for beauty and truth, the search for spirit and culture that inspires us.

GALLERY  BQ Nr. 17: PRESENTS : ::::::  Indochine (Katharina Koppenwallner) till 20.8.2011

BQ – Temporärer Ausstellungsraum

Weydingerstr. 10

10178 Berlin (Mitte)