club to catwalk_fashion expo at v&a london

80s new romantics make an exhibition of themselves at v&a museum in london

from boy george to visage, steve strange, up to marc almond to sigue sigue sputnik . the new romantics made one of the most impressive fashion statements in history. a must see is the creative explosion of london fashion in the 1980s in a major exhibition at the v&a:

victoria and albert museum

10 july 2013 – 16 february 2014

more than 85 outfits….london fashion in the 1980s showcases the bold and exciting new looks by the most experimental young designers of the decade, including betty jackson, katharine hamnett, wendy dagworthy and john galliano.

here are the details from the v&a press department:„the exhibition traces the emerging theatricality in british fashion as the capital’s vibrant and eclectic club scene influenced a new

generation of designers. also celebrating iconic styles such as new romantic and high camp, and featuring outfits worn by adam ant and leigh bowery, the exhibition explores how the creative relationship between catwalk and club wear helped reinvent fashion, as reflected in magazines such as i-d and blitz and venues including heaven and taboo.“

„club to catwalk is not an exhibition about shoulder pads and leg warmers. instead, there is a plethora of vibrant, dynamic and innovative designs from the best creative talent working out of london in the 1980s. whilst the work of well-known designers such as john galliano and vivienne westwood will be on display, the exhibition also emphasises the creative talents of lesser-known names such as scott crolla, georgina godley and workers for freedom.“

get more detailed information about the fashion styles in the late 70s I would like to recommend the inspiring  blog: fashion in the 70s

or here:

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