takashi murakami_portrait on nowness

the famous pop artist takatshi murakami also know for his work for louis vuitton bags and scarfes….talks about his work_inspiration and gives a new view to the fukushima disaster. check out the video from nowness  here:


here ist he article from nowness: „japan’s explosive master of color takashi murakami contemplates the shifting purpose of his work in today’s short from friend & colleague. the tokyo-born artist was interviewed while surrounded by new pieces at his arhat exhibition at la’s blum & poe gallery, shortly after the international premiere of fantastical epic jellyfish eyes, which took place at los angeles county museum of art (lacma) in april. murakami has earned major retrospectives at the brooklyn museum, moca in los angeles and the château de versailles, and last year had a solo show at the museum of islamic art in doha, qatar. his new feature film is a more sentimental and sincere undertaking than his previous work and follows a young boy in japan mourning the death of his father and readjusting to life while striking up an unlikely companionship with a creature that resembles a flying jellyfish. the ironic undercurrents typical of the artist are noticeably absent, in light of the disasters that have rocked japan in the last two years, following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and the aftermath of the fukushima disaster. “he is well known for his loud and sometimes shocking work,” says director alexei tylevich of murakami’s apparent about-face. “it was really surprising to hear him talk about unexpected notions like ‘spirituality’ and ‘healing.’”

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posted : 6_13