As the Creative Director of ModEurop we are more than happy that the colour conference for Autumn/Winter was such a success. Here are some picts from the conference.

The final ModEurop Colour Card will be available end of may here:

For the lifestyle and mood of the season, and informations about the synergy partners, scroll down below the pictures.



Colour & Trend Directions ModEurop Autumn Winter 2020 / 2021

Will everything calm down to more monochrome looks? It’s time to heed the signals boding a more mature stylishness. The “new Mature” targets female consumers with purchase power who value the skills of craftsmanship and are quality-conscious buyers. In SPIEGEL’s S-Magazin, consumer analyst and psychologist Sofia Elena Disson comments on the subject of authenticity in the digital age: “Civilization is now ‘Zuviel’-ization – people have had enough of “too much“, they are yearning for authentic values.”

Ugly is totally over! Streetwear’s no longer the main driver. Chic is replacing Street. Reduction and structure. Bourgeoisie and dynamism are key. Here comes Contemporary Chic – a season defined by minimalism and monochrome looks.

In line with these social trends, 3 Modeurop colour themes are prominent in Autumn Winter 2020 / 21:ESCAPISM _ REALISM_ ACTIVISM

A BIG THANK YOU !!! goes out to the Couture Atelier Anne Gelbard and guest speaker, the light & tape artist Christophe Ossard who made this meeting so special.

Here is one of several press releases: FASHION NETWORK

Thanks to all the partners of the ColourClubConference:

MD Sadiq, Indian Central Leather Research (and synergy partners: CLE, ISF and IFLMEA)
Mirco Lopardo, Biokimica Italy.
Jacobs Leather Germany.
Ute Rosenfelder, Stockmayer fabrics Germany.